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Japanese authorities prohibit anonymous crypto-currencies

The ban starts from June 18.

01.Jun.18 8:47 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Japanese authorities prohibit anonymous crypto-currencies
Representatives of financial regulators around the world often criticize crypto-currencies, referring to their volatility and the numerous difficulties associated with regulating the new market. Also, the authorities pay attention to the increased interest of criminal communities in digital money: law enforcement agencies repeatedly recorded instances of using virtual currencies to launder money received illegally. So attractive for criminals crypto currencies are due to the high degree of anonymity. They are gradually beginning to fight against this phenomenon in a number of states.

So, the Japanese authorities decided to ban all crypto-currencies, which are anonymous, that is, they hide the data of end users. The Agency of Financial Services of the country explained that anonymity hinders the conduct of a full investigation of the attack on the CoinCheck exchange. Recall, as a result of hacking, attackers managed to steal more than $ 520 million.

Experts of the crypto-currency market were skeptical of the measures taken by the Japanese regulator. In their view, the ban on anonymous digital assets jeopardizes the very idea of ​​virtual currencies. Analysts also believe that the situation with CoinCheck is not related to the anonymity of the crypto currency.

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