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Japan - leader in bitcoin trade

This is because Chinese traders switched to the Japanese bitcoin market.

19.Sep.17 4:23 AM
By Abigail Richards


Japan - leader in bitcoin trade
Japan is the leader in bitcoin trade. Thus, according to the information of the information and analytical center "Liga," the Japanese market of bitcoin returned leadership with a share of 50.75 percent on a global scale due to restrictions in China.

Experts say that after restricting the work of crypto-exchange exchanges in China, Chinese traders switched to the Japanese bitcoin market. In this case, experts pay attention to the fact that the sharp migration of traders led to a short-term increase in trade in Japan, so the market managed to overtake the dollar by more than twenty percent, and this is an important indicator.

It was said that traders now do not want to risk the Chinese government and its unpredictable nature.

So, the founder of litecoin Charlie Lee noted that the departure of bitcoin from the markets of China would affect only about fifteen percent of traders in the global market. Also, it was said that in the coming weeks the world bitcoin market is stabilizing, because traders have already started to move from the Chinese market to South Korea and Japan.

Earlier we wrote that the Chinese authorities could completely prohibit crypto-currencies.

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