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Japan joins the hunt on monopolists

Government is about to launch an investigation to determine if Apple and Google abuses the market dominance

14.Jun.21 8:28 AM
By Shawn Highstraw
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Japan joins the hunt on monopolists
The Japanese government intends to investigate the monopoly positions of Apple and Google. The claim comes from business newspaper Nikkei, who does not mention the source.

The government will investigate whether Apple and Google are doing business with Japanese tech manufacturers, mainly smartphone makers, in a fair way. Apple's iOS software and Google's Android software control 90 percent of Japanese phones.

The investigation is being conducted by a panel made up of officials and experts, and is due to start this month. If the panel concludes that the business agreements between Apple and Google are to the detriment of the manufacturers, this could lead to a tightening of the Japanese competition law, Nikkei claims.

The monopoly positions of Apple and Google have been under discussion for some time. At the end of April, the European Commission concluded that Apple is abusing its dominant position in violation of European law.

At the beginning of this month, Google reached a 220 million settlement with the French watchdog. Google's tool to help websites and apps sell advertising would have given the company too great an advantage over other operators.

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