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Japan decided to implement the auto stores

The government of Japan has decided, in cooperation with five major network operators of mini-supermarkets to introduce in the country the system is fully automated stores.

20.Apr.17 9:00 AM
By Christina Orlina


Japan decided to implement the auto stores
The system will be based on the use of packaging special chip with information about the product. The cash register will be almost instantly automatically read it directly from the basket of the buyer.

This process reportedly takes about 10 seconds. The cash register then gives the buyer the delivery and receipt, if necessary, and the robot will help to pack purchased in the package.

The system is already tested in one of the shops of the city of Moriguchi in Osaka Prefecture.

However, its total introduction time is required, as long as it requires to reduce the price of electronic labels with the information, not to increase the price of goods and not to scare away buyers.

To this end, the Ministry of economy, trade and industry of Japan intends to provide state support to producers to achieve reduction in price of chips due to their mass production.

The introduction of auto stores is due to the lack of sellers in Japan, whose work is in the country more expensive.

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