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James Webb space telescope launch scheduled to 18 December

The space telescope may finally reach the orbit

09.Sep.21 6:39 AM
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James Webb space telescope launch scheduled to 18 December
The launch of the James-Webb - the space telescope is after many times drafted on 18 December this year. The space agencies NASA and ESA announced that on Wednesday.

An ESA Ariane-5 rocket will launch the James-Webb telescope from the European Space Base in Kourou, French Guiana. The final tests were completed in August. The main components of the rocket have arrived in between, but NASA has yet to hand over the telescope.

There has been a long-standing reference to the launch of the telescope, which has been under development since 1996 and bears the name of former NASA chairman James Webb. Early in development, the plan was to launch the telescope in 2007, but the device was constantly set up due to many technical problems and modifications.

The James-Webb telescope follows the Hubble Telescope, which has taken important and iconic photographs of the universe over the last 30 years and continues to be on orbit.

The new telescope is equipped with technology that allows it to capture even more. It is intended to record early constellations, distant planets and possible traces of the Big Bang that cannot be recorded by the Hubble telescope.

NASA expects the James-Webb telescope to be operational for five years, but the organization hopes it will last for ten years. The observatory is 20 meters long and will not orbit around the Earth, but around the sun. The total cost of the project is around EUR 8 billion.

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