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Italy is interested in high-speed railway communication of the Russian Federation

The country has already signed a Memorandum of cooperation in this field.

08.Jul.16 6:47 AM
By Anna Nekrasova


Italy is interested in high-speed railway communication of the Russian Federation
Italy has shown interest in the high-speed railway communication of the Russian Federation. It is known that Russian Railways and the State Railways of Italy have already agreed on cooperation in this sphere.

It is reported that the President of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov and CEO of the Italian company Renato Mazzoncini signed a Memorandum of understanding, which assumes that the parties will cooperate in the field of scientific research, technical and innovative development of Railways, and interact on the markets of third countries.

According to the head of Russian Railways, if the Railways of the different States will work together, this will make transportation of goods and passengers more efficient. Therefore, with the Italian side signed the Memorandum can be considered another step in the development of the railway communication across the continent.

In addition, it is noted that Russia and Italy have agreed to work together towards a more efficient use of the existing rail network and promote the development of contacts in the framework of international organizations.

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