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It became known that the UK is officially out of the EU

David Davis has spoken about this.

15.Jul.16 4:33 AM
By Abigail Richards


It became known that the UK is officially out of the EU
It became known that the UK is officially out of the European Union. So, the new Minister for Brexit David Davis expects that the UK will officially leave the EU in 2018. By this time, according to him, everything will be ready. Earlier, former Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain Philip Hammond said that the country will need six years to secede from the Union, and during that time the country will face serious difficulties in trade.

Probable official exit from the EU - approximately December 2018," said David Davis.

In turn, many analysts say that it will happen much later, two years will not be enough to solve all the issues, which is quite a lot. The situation is complicated by the fact that over the years the EU has no country never left him. Experts insist that we should not expect quick results.

We will remind, in the UK on 23 June held a referendum on the country's withdrawal from the European Union. The majority of Britons supported the Brexit. A significant event for the history of the country happened a few days after the referendum on his resignation announced, the Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron.

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