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At least in the distant past the Red planet had a liquid bodies of water

Israel stock market closed with a fall, TA 25 decreased by 0,29%

Israel stock market closed with a fall on Sunday against a negative growth in insurance, oil and gas, banking sectors.

08.Jan.17 9:51 PM
By Anna Tuzova


Israel stock market closed with a fall, TA 25 decreased by 0,29%
At the closure at Tel Aviv stock exchange TA Index fell by 0,29%.

Among growth champions in TA Index components according to today’s trading results were OPKO Health Inc (TA:OPK), which gained 100,00 points (2,86%) closing at 3.596,000. Frutatom (TA:FRUT) quotations grown by 570,00 points (2,85%), closing at 20.600,0000. Nice Ltd securities (TA:NICE) gained 430,00 points (1,64%), closing at 26.720,0000.

Teva Pharm (TA:TEVA) stocks were traded in red zone (5,49%) closing at 13.600,0000. Delek Drilling LP (TA:DEDRp) raised to the mark of 27,00 points (1,93%), closing at 1.373,000, Anver O&g Par (TA:AVNRp) declined by 5,0 points (1,89%) and closed trading at 259,4.

The number of securities that became cheaper (199) has exceeded the number of securities that were ‘in black’ (156), 85 stocks’ quotations remained virtually unchanged. 

WTI February future lost 0,09%, or 0,05, reaching $53,71 per barrel. As for other goods, Brent to supplied in March decreased by 0,11% o 0,06 to $56,83 per barrel. Gold February futures devalued by 0,73 (8,65) to $1.172,65 per a troy ounce.

In Forex trading the USD/ILS pair has declined by 0,09% to 3,8454, EUR/ILS quotations fell by 0,81%, reaching 4,0488.

USD Index grown by 0,77 to 102,17.

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