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Irina Lebedeva was fired from Position of Tretyakov Gallery Director

Representatives of Russian Ministry of Culture shared their comments of the situation.

17.Feb.15 8:40 AM
By Svetlana Siuhina


Irina Lebedeva was fired from Position of Tretyakov Gallery Director
Russian Ministry of Culture media office announced about the retirement of Irina Lebedeva who was director of world’s famous Tretyakov Gallery. The official reason of retirement is as follows “under employer’s initiative”.
President’s Cultural Advisor Vladimir Tolstoy commented the situation:

“As far as I know minister of culture offered her to stay in the museums as research associate and expert. At the same time, again as far as I know, she was also offered several other high positions in different cultural fields as her art experience is out of the question. However she was not able to handle with situation from managing point of view. The main problems were connected with arranging repairing and restoring works. Lebedeva turned out to be hopeless manager”.

At the same time representatives of Russian Ministry of Culture say that main reason of retirement was lack of comfortable conditions for visitors: “We should consider the fact that this is the main art museum of our country as well as Russian art in the whole. Unfortunately it didn’t turn into comprehensive center. There are now Wi-Fi zones, no cafes and shops which is a serious disadvantage for modern visitors”.

Irina Lebedeva started her career in Tretyakov Gallery in the middle of 1980’s. She is considered to be world’s leading expert in avant-garde. She became the Head of museum in 2009. By the way, she was also the first woman to take this position ever.

According to available information she was deeply shocked with the news of her retirement: “There were several claims referred to the fact that we are not as active firing people as it is necessary for the Ministry. Well, I hardly believe this is the main reason of my retirement. I do not have the foggiest idea wharf real reasons are”.
Zelfira Treugolova is a new director of museum.

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