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Ireland will become a global blockchain center

The country plans to develop a digital economy and attract investment from around the world.

12.Jun.18 10:29 PM
By Norman E. Cardoza


Ireland will become a global blockchain center
In Ireland, it is planned to launch an online platform that will focus on the development of the digital economy in the country. With such an initiative, the State Department, responsible for attracting foreign investment, has acted, the portal The Irish Times informs.

As explained by Keith Fingleton, one of the leaders of the department, Ireland sees the massive potential of the detachment, and by strengthening this technology, the country hopes to win the reputation of a global blockchain hub.

A group of experts on the blockchain, experts from the Ministry of Finance, agencies for the development of innovation and business, as well as representatives of Ethereum-ConsenSys company worked on the development of the platform.

It is expected that block technologies will be introduced not only in financial operations but also in such areas as healthcare, energy, logistics, insurance, public services.

As specified by The Irish Times, in Dublin, the capital of Ireland, a specialized blockchain-lab is already operating. Besides, several Irish start-ups are based on the blockchain, including Arc-Net, Circle, AnandTech.

Also in Ireland, a fund of 750 thousand euros was created to support companies working with blockchain and similar technologies.

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