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Iran will be able to deliver to Russia vegetables and fruits in the amount of $ 1 billion

Fruits and vegetables from this country to replace Turkish.

15.Mar.16 11:21 AM
By Andrey Shulga


Iran will be able to deliver to Russia vegetables and fruits in the amount of $ 1 billion
Russian energy Minister Alexander Novak said that Iran can replace Turkey for a fruit and vegetable market of our country. This was announced during talks between the Russian politician and Minister of information and communications technology of Iran Mahmoud Vaezi.

According to Novak, Russia is going to increase the food supply from Iran. Our country will reduce customs duties on imports from the territory of the Eastern partner pistachios, dates and raisins.

Tehran has offered to deliver to Russia vegetables and fruits. Annual exports may equal the amount of 1 billion dollars. Deliveries on such amount previously managed Turkey. In other words, Iran has offered to take on the Russian market is the place of Turkey in respect of which there is a Russian food embargo.

According to representatives of Russian retail chains, they are ready to be implemented in Iran for the purchase of food. The means and the desire to eat. In the near future, a new ally of the Kremlin's bungled our country meat beef, poultry, grain, sunflower oil and sugar.

However, for the full trade Tehran need to pave a corridor through the Caspian sea. The Russian authorities, in turn, plan to sell Iran products of metallurgy and chemical industry.

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