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iPad loses its Popularity in Russia

J'son & Partners Consulting company specialists summed up results of tablet sales in 2014.

24.Mar.15 1:15 PM
By Irina Suvorova


iPad loses its Popularity in Russia
Russia performs best results when it comes to the growth rate. At the same time the level of Apple popularity here is becoming lower.

It is commonly known that 4% of worldwide demand in iPad is concentrated in Russian federation.

The average price of the tablet here is about $145 which is 25% lower in comparison with its price in 2013. Moreover this rate has decreased by 45% in comparison with 2012. Analytics say that such decrease results in more shares of Chinese and Russian producers of IT products.

In addition Apple share on its domestic market has become at least twice lower down to 10% in 2014. In 2013 this rate was 17% while the share of Android has increased from 83% to 89%. At the moment global market of tablets is divided between three main participants which include Android (86%), iOS (28%) and Windows (5%).

Share of iPad on Russian market is much lower in comparison with other countries. According to statistics provided by IDC iPad owes 28% of the world’s market while 68% of this market belongs to Android.

Director of Strategic Development Department in CIS Sergey Fomin paid attention that the rate of tablets sales was rather high in 2014. However demand in such gadgets will decrease during current year.

J’son & Partners Consulting specialists say that level of iPad sales in Russia will be up to 14.5 million units by 2019.

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