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IOTA builds partnerships to monetize IoT data

Yesterday IOTA announced the release of a large platform that allows data monetization using micropayments through their distributed ledger technology.

29.Nov.17 1:53 PM
By Daria Zaytseva


IOTA builds partnerships to monetize IoT data

The data solutions have already gathered huge partnerships with Microsoft, Fujitsu, Bosch, Deutsche Bank Telekom and others.

This autumn, IOTA has already released its tokens with the same name under their token sale. The company has created what it considers to be the best option in the evolution of Blockchain technology, called "tangle". With this system, the company is creating a way for connected devices to transfer, purchase and sell a variety of datasets when creating access to data that often sits unused, all with significant security.

The demonstration platform is planned for January and will become a way of companies' participation in the innovation. Partners will also be able to influence how the platform continues to function.

There is a hope that the structure of the IOTA’s tangle technology, without miners or mining fees, will allow large-scale dissemination of micro-payments for datasets, providing access to data and creating a network for companies to use and access that data for improvements to the Internet of things (IoT).

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