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Traces of water found on Mars

At least in the distant past the Red planet had a liquid bodies of water

Internationally Wanted Criminal was arrested in Nizhny Novgorod

A man has been wanted for fraud since 1999.

05.Dec.14 2:11 PM
By Abigail Richards


Internationally Wanted Criminal was arrested in Nizhny Novgorod
Investigators of Nizhny Novgorod Police Department arrested a man who has been internationally wanted since 1999. He was accused of fraud. The information has been officially provided by Police Department media office in Nizhny Novgorod.

It turned out that c criminal has been hiding for a long time. He managed to find shelter with his relatives who live abroad. Later he was announced as internationally wanted. He decided to return to Nizhny Novgorod in summer 2014 where he lived on Sormovsky district using false ID. Policemen received operational information and managed to indicate location of the criminal. He was arrested at short notice. Now he is behind the bars. The investigation continues.

We have already written about the fact that two elderly women have become victims of false social workers. Criminals stole 190 thousand rubles. A woman introduced herself as social worker and said that she needs to check with all banknote numbers as money reform will be initiated in the nearest future. However they not only checked with all numbers but also stole the money.

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