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Interesting facts from the biography of Elvis Presley

Millions of people still regard him as their idol.

02.Nov.16 4:50 AM
By Anna Nekrasova
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Interesting facts from the biography of Elvis Presley
The famous King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley was born on January 8, 1935. Musician long dead. However, until now it is one of the most revered figures of the music world. Many of today's young people love creativity Elvis, imitating his style and hairstyle. Also, fans of the musician often collect posters with his image. Today, original Elvis Presley posters can be found on

The life of the king of rock 'n' roll was amazing. His real name is Elvis Aron Presley. But most liked musician pronunciation biblical Aaron. In his plans, even had an official name change.

In fact, Elvis was a natural blonde. It was first dyed hair in a black color after the film "Love Me Tender." He always wanted to play in a serious dramatic films, and even received such offers. However, his manager denied them certain reasons. In total, Elvis managed to play in 31 film and write about 20 soundtracks.

The first guitar Elvis Presley presented in 11 years. But then he dreamed of a bicycle, and was disappointed. Although shortly before the future founder of the rock 'n' roll he has received a prize for the performance of the folk song Old Shep at the fair.

His first album with recordings of Elvis gave his mother a birthday in 18 years. The songs he recorded just $ 4.

For his achievements and contribution to the field of music, Elvis Presley received a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood.

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