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India offered a discount on oil for payment in El Petro

Venezuelan officials agree with the countries.

02.May.18 9:22 AM
By Jeff Bannister


India offered a discount on oil for payment in El Petro
Venezuela is ready to give India a discount on oil, subject to payment by the cryptocurrency El Petro. If the Indian government acquires a Venezuelan coin, it will receive a 30% discount on oil. This was reported by the publication Business Standard.

Representatives of the department for the development of Venezuela's blockade visited India many times in April. As a result, they agreed with the Coinsecure exchange trading system about the possibility of adding the digital coin El Petro to the catalog of the platform. Venezuelan cryptocurrency can be bought for bitcoins and Indian rupee.

The general director of the exchange, Mohit Kalr, said that representatives of Venezuela visit different countries and agree on the listing of El Petro with local crypto-exchange exchanges. The Indian government was offered a substantial discount, but officials are still refraining from commenting.

Preliminary sale of el Petro was completed in late April. According to the leader of Venezuela, Nicholas Maduro, the crypto-currency attracted 3.338 billion dollars, and the support of the coin was added 16 trading platforms.

El Petro was invented as a way to circumvent US economic sanctions.

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