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Incorrect information in the blockchain can result in criminal prosecution

Lawmakers want to equate such actions with crimes.

15.Jun.18 2:20 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Incorrect information in the blockchain can result in criminal prosecution
The protection of data stored in the blockchain can reach a new level in Michigan. The fact is that the lawmakers of this state want to introduce for introducing unreliable information in the system of criminal responsibility. Relevant proposals for adjusting the existing norms have already been submitted to the legislative assembly.

As it became known, one of the projects submitted for consideration is an amendment to the criminal code of the state. Innovations can affect all those who unlawfully create, alter or forge public records. Thus, the digital register should receive the maximum protection, including from the state.
The second document proposed by lawmakers covers the sphere of crimes committed with credit cards. The authors of the initiative consider it necessary to supplement the currently existing norms with the provisions on blockchain.

It should be noted that at the present time in the territory of Michigan there are no specific norms aimed at regulating transactions with crypto-currencies. At the same time, published two and a half years ago, the Ministry of Finance's newsletter provided for tax exemption for the sale or use of digital money.

If the aforementioned bills are approved, then they can wait for their entry into force in ninety days.

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