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In the US Congress, a proposal was made to ban ICO

Sales of tokens negatively affect the economy, Congressman Brad Sherman is sure.

28.Apr.18 6:40 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


In the US Congress, a proposal was made to ban ICO
The primary location of tokens should be banned, said Rep. Brad Sherman, a member of the House of Representatives. With this statement, he spoke during the hearings held two days ago in the US Congress. In his opinion, ICO is causing irreparable damage to the state economy.

The Congressman recalled that the securities market sets a task to create new jobs, which is the primary means of arranging shares, which can not be said about the ICO. He stressed that he has nothing against the technology of blocking, but he is in favor of banning primary placements of tokens.

It is worth noting that Sherman's views on a number of points do not correspond to the position of the US Securities and Exchange Commission. For example, he considers bitcoin as a security, while the SEC does not include crypto currency in this category.

By the way, some participants in the congressional hearings expressed a diametrically opposite attitude to the ICO. For example, Tom Emmer, representing the state of Minnesota, stated the importance of this sphere and even criticized Sherman's statements.

By the way, among the topics discussed during the meeting, the problem of tool tokens was also announced. Supporters of the ICO believe that they should not be treated as securities. Emmer also adheres to a similar point of view. According to him, a market participant can buy a token to simplify the use of the network based on the block, and on investment.

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