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In the EU discuss development of programs to help troubled States

Dijsselbloem: "In the future it is necessary on new to organise the allocation of aid to countries"

21.Mar.17 5:19 AM
By Nikolai Vinogradov


In the EU discuss development of programs to help troubled States
As the head of the Ministry of Finance of the countries of agrosector Jeroen dijsselbloem: "the time has Come to convert the "Troika" - the IMF, the European Commission and the ECB, and in the future should a new to consider the allocation of funds for countries".

Dijsselbloem to one of the German Newspapers said: "I think that is not advisable if the ESM in the future would be a European the IMF. The ESM should have a clear role in the future economic programme of the Council of Europe".

According to Dijsselbloem modern form of the "Troika" in the future will need to transform. "The ECB is uncomfortable to be one of the members of the Troika and I think not without reason," - said the Minister of Finance of agrosector. Members of the European Commission there are more important things upon which to focus. ESM is a stability mechanism, it should have the professional competence to solve relevant problems and make decisions on various issues. Such competence is only from the IMF.

On the issues of Greece, Dijsselbloem said that while the need to preserve the initial distribution of tasks and act according to the plans.

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