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In Switzerland, there may appear a national crypto currency

The parliament will consider this initiative.

21.May.18 1:48 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


In Switzerland, there may appear a national crypto currency
The population's interest in digital currencies could not remain unnoticed: the authorities of most states are working to create norms that regulate the new market. In addition, in some countries there is a discussion of the possibility of creating a national crypto currency. In the near future this issue will be raised in the lower house of the Swiss parliament.

As it became known, the vice-president of the Social Democratic Party Cedric Vermouth made a proposal to issue a virtual currency for the e-franc. In his opinion, it is advisable to conduct a study, following which the advantages and risks of creating a national crypto currency will become clear.

By the way, work in this direction is already under way in Sweden. The economic feasibility of the project of the state digital currency was announced in the Swedish Riksbank. According to experts of the financial and credit organization, the electronic krona would help reduce the use of cash and make payment systems more reliable.

Switzerland has not yet decided on the need for a study. If the idea of ​​a lawmaker is supported, this issue will be taken up by the Ministry of Finance of the country.

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