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In Sweden, a new law on "voluntary sex"

Thus, the European country responded to the scandals related to harassment.

01.Jul.18 9:06 PM
By Martin Roads


In Sweden, a new law on "voluntary sex"
A new law on "voluntary sex" will be introduced in Sweden on 1 July.

At the end of 2017 the beginning of 2018 in the US, scandals related to harassment broke out. It broke out when dozens of women accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment. Among them, Kate Beckinsale, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Penelope Cruz, etc. the producer himself stated that he always had sex with women by mutual consent. The women themselves claimed that Weinstein forced and intimidated them. Now in the case under investigation.

Sweden is one of the first countries to respond to the "harassment" wave. Back in December 2017, the country approved a bill under which a man is obliged to obtain the woman's explicit consent before the sexual act. This law comes into force on July 1. Consent may be oral but is obtained accurately. "The law means that if sex is not voluntary, then it is illegal."

This law applies not only to casual relationships, but also to couples in a relationship, and even to spouses.

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