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In Scotland, it is forbidden to drink cheap whiskey

The authorities are counting on this way to reduce the death rate from alcohol.

01.May.18 10:42 AM
By Svetlana Siukhina


In Scotland, it is forbidden to drink cheap whiskey
Scotland said goodbye to cheap alcohol - on Tuesday set the minimum price for a serving of a hot drink. Consumers will now have to pay a minimum of 50 pence (0.68 US dollars) per unit of alcohol.

The authorities say that the unprecedented action is aimed at cheap drinks, which the population abused. The most significant increase in prices is expected by inexpensive beverages: fortified wines and cider, whiskey, gin, vodka. So, if earlier for 2.5 pounds sterling it was possible to buy a two-liter bottle of strong cider, now it will cost at least 7.5 pounds. The minimum price of a bottle of whiskey of 0.7 liters will grow to 14 pounds.

Twenty-two people die from alcohol abuse every week in Scotland. Half of the crimes in the country are committed by people in a state of intense intoxication.

It is expected that this step of the government will save more than four hundred lives in the first five years of implementation. All additional profit from the enforcement of this law will go to producers and dealers of liquor, too. The action is not a kind of taxation.

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