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In Scotland, developed a program of treatment from bitcoin dependence

Doctors believe that getting used to cryptocurrency is akin to drug addiction and alcoholism.

29.May.18 12:37 AM
By Yana Fedorova


In Scotland, developed a program of treatment from bitcoin dependence
Castle Craig Hospital, which is located in southern Scotland and is one of the largest in the UK, has developed a course on the treatment of cryptependency.

According to the doctors of the clinic, the central patients participating in the rehabilitation program are sellers and buyers of bitcoins and other varieties of the digital currency. The dependence of patients is manifested in the continuous monitoring of courses on stock exchanges and to some extent resembles game addiction or even such diseases as drug addiction and alcoholism, the clinic states.

"As computer games, hobby, for example, trade in bitcoins helps a person get away from reality, excites. There is a possibility in a short time to get rich or lose everything. It's nerves and adrenaline, "- says Chris Burne, rehabilitating patients with gambling addiction.

In the Scottish clinic, "bitco-dependent" patients work in groups where they tell their life stories, try to understand together how to get rid of a painful habit.

According to doctors, a particularly noticeable influx of patients to the clinic is observed during the reduction of the course of bitcoin.

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