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In Russia will be created national guard

This was stated by the President Vladimir Putin.

06.Apr.16 5:40 AM
By Abigail Richards


In Russia will be created national guard
In Russia will be created national guard. So, yesterday, April 5, it was stated by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin who noted that the national guard will be brought only the best of the best, most know their job and will be able to do everything necessary to ensure the full protection of Russian citizens from terrorists and criminals.

According to first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Franz Klintsevich, the decision to establish the national guard is dictated by the need for more effective coordination of efforts to combat terrorism. The fight against terrorism is now a very important matter, which must be approached very seriously.

It is known that the national guard will be created on the basis of Internal troops of the interior Ministry, which experts will be engaged in the fight against terrorism, organized crime and in contact with the interior Ministry will fulfill the functions that were performed by units of the OMON and Sobra.

Many officials supported the idea of creating in Russia a new law enforcement structures, and some even noted that this structure has long been an urgent need, because terrorism is now very active and need to "choke".

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