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In Russia we can be significantly tightened control over the sales of SIM cards

The new rules will be quite serious.

25.Nov.15 9:21 AM
By Elena Tkachenko


In Russia we can be significantly tightened control over the sales of SIM cards
In Russia it can be significantly tightened control over the sale of SIM cards. The reason - the threat of terrorism.

Thus, according to unconfirmed reports, the interdepartmental commission on combating extremism has proposed to limit the duration of the contract with the mobile operator for foreigners course of their stay in Russia, as well as the authority to give Roskomnadzor unscheduled inspections of points of sale of SIM cards. Commission members say that now it is important and urgent, and this issue must-do.

It is known fact that the security forces have engaged in the development of measures to restrict the flow of SIM cards, without extending contracts and will soon be presented with the new rules. According to preliminary data, the rules are more foreigners will affect, in particular, the Commission proposes to limit the term of the SIM cards for foreigners for the period of their stay, and to extend the contract on the basis of documents that extend the length of stay.

In turn, many analysts say that this bill, if passed, will not be able to fully work, because foreigners can apply to the Russians with a request to buy a sim card. In this case, according to experts, other measures are needed.

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