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In Russia, the volume of retail loans has grown by half

The Russians do not have enough money for everyday expenses.

05.May.16 11:20 AM
By Elena Tkachenko


In Russia, the volume of retail loans has grown by half
In Russia in the first quarter of the current year the volume of retail loans has increased by half. This is evidenced by United credit Bureau.

The design Bureau specialists say that compared to the first quarter last year the number of loans has grown by almost fifty percent, and lending by nearly sixty percent. In particular, in just the first three months of this year Russian banks issued of 5.15 million new loans totaling more than six billion rubles. Previously, the amount of loans was much smaller, she confidently kept at the level of 388 billion rubles.

Thus experts pay attention that in Russia is growing and the number of loans in cash for forty percent. According to analysts the Bureau, the average amount of cash loans increased from 76 to 97 thousand rubles, and this is due to the fact that the Russians do not have enough money for daily expenses, the crisis, to some extent, enhanced.

Experts also say that in the last three months has decreased and the average credit card limit from 41 to 35 thousand rubles. The Russians were much less likely to use "credit cards", it is much easier to obtain a loan with a lower interest.

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