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In Russia the prices for new cars increased by 35%

To blame the depreciation of the ruble.

14.Mar.16 11:29 AM
By Andrey Shulga


In Russia the prices for new cars increased by 35%
In the Russian Federation for the last 1.5 years the prices of new cars rose by 35%. This information is published by the Agency "AUTOSTAT".

According to experts, the increase in the cost of cars is due to the lowering of the ruble against Western currencies. This situation has led to increased cost of production machinery and strong inflation.

The most significant leap in car prices in Russia occurred in the first half of 2015. For the specified time period, the price of passenger cars grew by 21%. From the autumn of 2015 and today, the cars in Russia have risen by 10%.

Experts believe that this year the prices of cars will continue to grow steadily. All Russian automakers use foreign parts. This means that the production of all brand cars in Russia is foreign exchange component. Our production depend on the dollar and the Euro by 30%-70%.

By the end of 2016 the price of passenger cars in our country will grow by 20%. A lot depends on the exchange rate of the ruble and as a consequence, the purchasing power of the Russian population.
The informant Vin Car History.

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