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In Russia, soda and chips may become excise goods

This will help in the fight against obesity and diabetes.

24.Nov.15 10:18 AM
By Abigail Richards


In Russia, soda and chips may become excise goods
In the near future in Russia soda and chips may become excise goods. For example, State Duma deputy from the "Just Russia" has offered to introduce excise duties on the junk food that they believe will help in the fight against obesity and diabetes in Russia.

The initiators say that diabetes and obesity are becoming a real scourge in Russia, today 45% of adults are overweight, and more than three million people - from diabetes. In addition, the MPs point out that the actual number of cases of diabetes in Russia on average 2-3 times higher than reported, even worse, because in fact in Russia, many more people with diabetes.

It was also mentioned the fact that the country's death rate from cardiovascular diseases caused by obesity, firmly holds first place in the structure of mortality and it is again very bad, it is a kind of national catastrophe.

According to deputies, the introduction of excise duties on these products will not only make Russians' health, but also lead to a marked increase in the revenues of the federal budget.

Recall, doctors and scientists do not cease to repeat that the sodas and chips are very harmful for the body, they trigger the development of diabetes and obesity.

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