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In Nevada, marriages will be registered with the help of a detachment

The data will be stored in Ethereum.

27.Apr.18 10:04 PM
By Jeff Bannister


In Nevada, marriages will be registered with the help of a detachment
In the US, marriages will be registered with the help of a blockchain. A new service is being tested in the American town of Reno (Nevada). This was reported by the local newspaper TNW. The technology of blockchain will be tested in the local municipality with the purpose of translating the document circulation into digital form. According to the governor of the state of Nevada, Brian Sandoval, local governments were interested in the blockchain in June last year. It was then that a bill was signed on the introduction of blockchain into the infrastructure of the region.

With the help of the distribution register, the Nevada state administration intends to shorten the time it takes for public services to be delivered and to save the population from queues, and to improve the security of data storage. Registration of marriages on a block of flats will allow couples to undergo an accelerated certification, without having to contact the office. Documents for a record are planned to be stored in the blockhouse of the Ethereum network.

With the help of the distributive register, it will be possible to recover the corrupted documents. However, the blocking system will protect the data from unauthorized changes. Technology has high expectations.

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