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In Kaluga, started production of the updated Volkswagen Tiguan

New during the "break-in" was seen in the vicinity of the plant.

11.Jul.16 7:05 AM
By Natalia Klyachina
Photo screenshot Yandex pictures


At the Kaluga automobile plant, apparently, is about to start production of the new crossover Volkswagen Tiguan. Currently, the capacity of the enterprise is assembling the first generation. However, from the management information about the start of production has not been confirmed. The only fact is only the appearance of novelty during the "break" in the vicinity of the plant.

Previously, the company's management was reported that, indeed, the new Tiguan will also be collected here. But while the question remains open. But sales for the Russians to begin in early 2017. The duration of production will be dependent on demand for cars.

The cost of the Tiguan is around 1.3 million engine Power varies from 122 to 211 horsepower, depending on the kind of motor. All engines are turbo. Transmission is also presented in a wide "range". Depending on the modification can be installed in manual transmission, automatic transmission and "robot". An updated version of the Tiguan received the gasoline and diesel engines of 2 liters and capacity of 150 and 180 HP

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