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In Japan, funds received at the ICO, will be directed to the development of one of the villages

Local authorities decided to release tokens.

18.Jun.18 9:45 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


In Japan, funds received at the ICO, will be directed to the development of one of the villages
Fundraising through the ICO quickly gained popularity among commercial organizations. Different start-ups, which do not have enough to develop the amount, counted on the Initial coin offering as the most effective financing mechanism. At the same time, most of the projects that attracted investments in this way had no support from the authorities.

However, in Japan, representatives of the state decided to raise money with the help of the ICO. This is the government of the village of Nishiwakura, which plans to release tokens. Financing is necessary for the region to develop infrastructure.

As it became known, the village is characterized by picturesque landscapes and boasts a rich historical heritage. Here come people who are not indifferent to the culture of Japan, because there are ancient castles and many museums.

In order to maintain cultural facilities in proper condition and ensure the creation of a new infrastructure, officials decided to raise funds through the ICO. Those wishing to take part in the Initial coin offering. Tokens intended for investors will be called Nishiawakura Coin (NAC). It is assumed that their owners will be able to directly participate in decision-making on the enterprises operating in the region.

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