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In Italy, the public sector will introduce a blockchain

Blockchain will help to cope with corruption.

03.Jun.18 11:37 PM
By Jeff Bannister


In Italy, the public sector will introduce a blockchain
The new government of Italy plans to introduce detachment into the public sector. Insider reports this. New leaders plan to change the approach to the country's economy radically. The blockbuster will transfer not only the banking sector but also public services. The primary goal of this step is to fight corruption.

According to Blockchain Education Network Italia, the government can make the policy of blocking and cryptocurrencies softer. Director of the Lorenzo Gostosi organization will implement the blocking system into the identification system, logistics and database management.

However, the central issue remains the legislative regulation of block-start-ups. The current rigid legislation encourages entrepreneurs to transfer their projects abroad, to countries with more firm cryptocurrency control.

Recently in Italy elections have come to an end. During the election campaign, the candidates offered the country's exit from the European Union. Reforming the economy and transferring public services to blockhouses can improve the situation in the country and eliminate the prolonged stagnation.

Earlier it was reported that the G20 countries came to a prevailing opinion regarding the legal status of the сryptocurrency.

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