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In France nuclear explosion

The release of radiation was avoided.

09.Feb.17 9:48 PM
By Andrey Shulga


In France nuclear explosion

On the morning of February 9, on nuclear power plants of the French town of Haubourdin powerful explosion. Information about it published by the newspaper Ouest France.

According to reports, the epicenter of the explosion was in the engine room. Immediately after cotton started a fire, which, however, quickly extinguished.

As a result of the incident injured 5 employees of the plant. People have poisoned with burning products. Now their lives are out of danger.

According to investigators, the explosion occurred due to short circuit in the wiring. At the moment, on the scene working forensic experts. They will establish the exact cause of the accident.

The explosion and subsequent fire led to the release of radiation. The reactor is not damaged. The situation is under control.

In fact the incident is conducted investigation verification. Government experts have assisted the specialists of the nuclear operator Electricite de France (EDF).

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