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In Europe, issued banknotes in denominations of zero euros

The banknotes depict a portrait of a philosopher.

19.Apr.18 1:14 AM
By Abigail Richards


In Europe, issued banknotes in denominations of zero euros
In Europe released banknotes with a value of zero euros. So, today, on April 19, it became known that in Germany banknotes of zero Euro were issued, having timed this event to the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx's birth. It should be noted that these bills were issued by a local travel company.

It is known that the first edition of five thousand banknotes was printed in March this year, and in just a month all the bills were sold out. Then, the cost of one bill was three euros, and there is an assumption that the bills from the second batch will cost more because the demand will be no less.

According to the representative of the company, the first edition was sold all over the world - from Latin America to Australia.

It should be noted that representatives of the travel company have already announced the release of a new edition, it was said that the issue will be twenty thousand bills.

According to preliminary data, the bills will go on sale on April 23 and will be available for purchase online on the organization's website.

By the way, Karl Marx is a German philosopher, sociologist, economist, writer, poet, political journalist and public figure. Friend and associate of Friedrich Engels, co-authored with whom he wrote the "Manifesto of the Communist party" (1848). Author of classical scientific work on political economy " Capital. Criticism of political economy " (1867).

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