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In China, the second-ranking of world's сryptocurrency

The first place was taken by EOS, and bitcoin was on the seventeenth.

24.Jun.18 9:19 PM
By Mark Gainer


In China, the second-ranking of world's сryptocurrency
The Chinese authorities continue to publish the previously announced monthly ratings of the world's cryptocurrencies. As the ForkLog Internet magazine writes, the Center for the Development of the Information Technology Industry of China (CCID) released the second rating - for June. The first place in it was occupied by EOS, and bitcoin, as in May, fell into outsiders and was only on the seventeenth.

Ethereum, which in May ranked first in the Chinese rating, fell to the second in June. It is followed by NEO and Stellar, the top ten were also BitShares and Ripple.

The CCID website states that the team of rating compilers consists of the best scientists and experts in the field of crypto-currency business, and their task is to assess the technical potential, efficiency, and the innovativeness of the block-projects. At the same time, practically nothing is known about the methodology of drawing up the rating.

It should be noted that the leader of the latest Chinese E3 rating of the EOS has recently been under fire from the professional community. Recently, the EOS arbitrator, without any explanation, ordered the freezing of more than 30 suspicious accounts in its network, which caused confusion and wide discussion about the compliance of such actions with the fundamental principles of detachment - decentralization and immutability.

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