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In Australia, the country's first crypto-currency city appeared

Its residents may not care about the availability of fiat money.

05.Jun.18 6:29 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


In Australia, the country's first crypto-currency city appeared
In Australia, the country's first crypto-currency city appeared. Coming in Agnes Vyus, you can not worry about the presence of banknotes, because pay for goods at this resort can be digital money.

As it became known, at the moment there are only two hundred people living in the crypto-city. However, local authorities are counting on the influx of tourists interested in an unusual place. In addition to crypto-investors willing to spend virtual money on real things and services, specialists in the field of blockage will be happy here.

At the moment, more than thirty local companies take over the crypto currency in the town of Agnes-Vision. Bitcoin, ether, laytkoin and other digital money will welcome landlords, travel agencies, restaurants and bars. In order to transfer funds to the beneficiary's account, you will need to use the TravelbyBit application.

It is expected that the use of cryptocurrency significantly simplify the life of travelers, because they will no longer need to urgently look for ATMs or use the services of private individuals who earn on exchange rates.

Earlier we talked about the crypto-currency city, which appeared in Slovenia.

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