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In Afghanistan, women are taught programming on the blockchain

Women master the blockchain.

12.Jun.18 10:23 PM
By Jeff Bannister


In Afghanistan, women are taught programming on the blockchain
In Afghanistan, women are trained in working with cryptocurrencies. According to CoinDesk, this activity is handled by the non-commercial organization Code to Inspire (CTI), which cooperates with the Bounties Network. The primary goal of the project is to teach students to work with Ethereum to improve the economic situation in the region and increase the overall digital literacy.

The project began in May. At the moment, the first group of women already have accounts in MetaMask. Moreover, they earned from $ 10 to $ 80, depending on the project.

According to the founder of the project, Fereshten Foroha, this is not the first experience of work of Afghan entrepreneurs in the detachment. In 2014, the founder of the CTI cooperated with entrepreneur Roy Mahbub in the framework of the project on training women to work with bitcoins and blogging. However, at that time the project was faced with financial difficulties due to the lack of the possibility of withdrawing funds.

This problem is actual and now due to the limited scope of distribution of cryptocurrency. Network Bounties Network helps girls find projects on Ethereum. Besides, shortly, it is planned to launch an online store through MetaMask.

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