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Imported Product Prices increased by 45% in Russia

Rapid price growth results in a low ruble exchange rate.

16.Jan.15 6:18 AM
By Abigail Richards


Imported Product Prices increased by 45% in Russia
Import product price growth is from 7% to 45%. Such statistics is spotted in all Russian shops during January. The information is provided by representatives of large retailor chains.

Such price increase results in a low ruble exchange rate. The main products which have become more expensive in January include alcoholic drinks, fruits, coffee and sugar. At the same time domestic goods are also becoming more expensive due to the fact that they are produced on imported raw materials.

Vladimir Rusanov who is the Head of 5 Retail Group which deals with public relations said that they tried their best in order to stop the price increase using different tools. They tried to postpone this rapid increase. However it is rather hard taking into consideration current situation in the economy of the country. He also paid attention to the fact that major products which are influenced by the exchange rate are alcoholic drinks which become 30% more expensive.

Fruits price went up by 7%-15% while sugar has become 30%-40% more expansive in comparison with the previous year.

For example, Dixi which is one of the largest retailor chains in Russia have already announced about the fact that it will increase price on all imported fruits and vegetables by 10%-15%.  They include cherry tomatoes and avocado.
We have already informed our readers about the rapid product price growth which was spotted in all Russian shops. Sugar has become very expensive during the current year.

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