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Import of Generic Drugs in Russia will be Stopped by 2020

Hundreds types of different medicines will be produced in Russia.

03.Apr.15 12:04 PM
By Lubov Kovaleva


Import of Generic Drugs in Russia will be Stopped by 2020
Russian Ministry of Industry and Sales has approved of new program which deals with substitution of import with domestic products. New project is mostly connected with medication, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. In the majority of cases import substitution is planned to by 100%.

It means that import of foreign drugs will be absolutely stopped by 2020. At the same time insulin supplies will be reduced from 90%-100% to 10%. The same thing is with paracetamol which has 84% of import at the moment. This rate will be also reduced down to 10%. Ministry is also planning to reduce import of MRI machines from abroad down to 50% while biggest part of CT scanners will be provided by Russian producers. Only 12% of CT scanners will be allowed for foreign suppliers. Import of X-rays will be also cut down to 9-12%. Now it is 30-56%.

Import substitution will also deal with such products as refrigerators, syringes, disinfectants, cotton wool, catheters, surgical instruments, etc.

Speaking about chemical industry maximum share of paints and varnishes imported to Russia will be decreased to 35%. Now the share of foreign materials is 43.9%. Share of imported insulating polymer composites will be 20% against current 80%. Thermal phosphoric acid is 100% imported in Russia. But the Ministry planes to reduce the share of foreign productto5% by 2020.

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