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Traces of water found on Mars

At least in the distant past the Red planet had a liquid bodies of water

IMF: Prospects of the world economy are growing

Prospects of global economic growth have improved, but uncertainty is primarily political, still carries a threat.

14.Apr.17 10:37 PM
By Christina Orlina


IMF: Prospects of the world economy are growing
The director of the International monetary fund, Christine Lagarde, spoke with such statement in Brussels. According to IMF estimates, global growth will make this year of 3.4 percent after rising 3.1% last year. According to Lagarde, global growth contributes to increase in manufacturing activity, as well as the benefits associated with higher commodity prices for countries with lower income levels.

“The good news is that after six years of disappointing growth, the world economy is gaining momentum, as the cyclical upturn causes more jobs, higher incomes and greater prosperity in the future,” Lagarde said.

The head of the IMF said that Greece is moving in the right direction in terms of reform, but the negotiations on the second loan program and the possible participation of the IMF are in the process.

Currently, Greece has already the third credit program with a volume of up to 86 billion euros, which means it provides only the European stability mechanism (ESM). Germany has always insisted on the participation of the third IMF program, however, considers it a mandatory condition of funding a restructuring of the international creditors of Greece's debt, which could make it sustainable for the long term.

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