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IKEA was targeted by sophisticated ransomware attack

It came through seemingly legitimate emails

29.Nov.21 10:39 AM
By Abigail Richards
Photo IKEA


IKEA was targeted by sophisticated ransomware attack
IKEA warns employees and suppliers of phishing emails that allow cyber criminals to access the network or install hostage software.

The furniture chain would be the target of a new type of cyber attack in which criminals send a reply to seemingly previously sent emails from IKEA employees or business partners such as vendors. The fake email attempts to trick employees into clicking on a malicious link.

Since the scam emails seem to come from trusted senders, the recipients are more likely to trust the message and may be more likely to click on the malicious link.

IT experts at IKEA warn in an internal mail for the scammers. "This means that the attack can come through an email from someone you work with, from an external organisation, and in response to an existing mail conversation. It's hard to detect, which is why we're asking you to be extra careful."

It is not known whether the criminals have gained access to the company's internal servers.

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