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ICO will certify

In the United States will create a unique body for this activity.

03.Sep.17 11:54 PM
By Natalia Mylnikova


ICO will certify
The US Finance Commission has long been puzzled by the issue of creating an independent organization that will act in the interests of online traders, develops parameters to assess the risks related to ICO.

The creation of this commission occurred exactly at the moment when the US government strengthened control over the ICO. It is also expected that the organization will also resolve external disputes in the trade industry and all operations related to crypto-currencies, as well as the certification of trader technologies.

But the primary responsibility of the organization will be the certification of the new ICO.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has recently published a warning, in which the issue of holding an ICO has emerged. It is worth noting that the primary financial regulators - Canadian and Singaporean - agreed with the position of the US authorities. At the same time, Chinese authorities are still at the stage of discussing measures that will be designed to stop the work of ICO, up to a complete stop in the country.

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