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ICO under the order of Gazprom!

The stronger against the background of many projects stand out those ICO, which is based on real production.

24.Apr.18 5:13 AM


ICO under the order of Gazprom!
The market of blockchain projects with the involvement of ICO continues to gain momentum. Its investment attractiveness is associated with a rapid return on investment and a moderation of risk and economic potential, no doubt. However, the Scam too.

«Investment reputation «ICO seriously jeopardized the so-called SCAM-projects (or simply «Scam»), disappearing from sight with millions of fees.

Our choice-operating manufacturing business

The stronger against the background of many projects stand out those ICO, which is based on real production. They do not hide the faces and names of companies, are able to assess the market in detail in their niche, know the face of the world's leading developments, realistically assess their prospects and see in ICO-projects a practical opportunity for technological breakthrough, which became possible due to the increased interest on the part of investors.

One example of such a project is gas blockchain option GasСompressorCoin.

It is based on successfully operating since 2000 Research and production enterprise «NPP Kompress».

NCE activities are directly related to the field of development of blockchain project, the relevance of which is confirmed, including attention to The problem of the government of the Russian Federation. The idea of NCE RK «Kompressa» is based on the provisions of the national project «Clean country».

The essence, background, and resources of the project

The objective of the project was the development and mass production of mobile compressor units "mku" new model, implementation of which will allow to completely stop the pollution of the atmosphere with natural gas.
Work on the project began in 2014.

Partnership with the leading Kazan research Institute allowed NCE "KOMPRESSOR" to become the owner of the prototype for a year and a half, during the next year it was tested at the site of a subsidiary of Gazprom in Kazan, where it successfully confirmed its target characteristics.

One of them is a technology that significantly reduces the cost of direct use of MCU: in the process of conditioning, it uses the same pumped gas from the main line.

Real prospects and relevance of ICO

The company has already received a proposal for a 25-year contract for pumping gas from main gas pipelines across Russia. But not having enough capacity for its implementation was forced to postpone the signing.
The management (in our opinion, rightly) sees in the ICO the possibility of the most optimal attraction of funds — in sufficient volume and in the shortest possible time.

With the success of the crowdfunding company, NCE is preparing to provide the latest MCU not only to the Russian oil and gas industry but also subsequently enter the international market, having for this purpose significant technological advantages (including a significant gap in the cost of equipment) over similar foreign developments. Which, of course, is of great importance for the investor.

The openness and authenticity of the information

We all remember that the first thing you need when evaluating a blockchain project is to check the information as much as possible for compliance with reality.

In the case of GasСompressorCoin we have:
  • officially registered in March 2000, a legal entity, ZAO NPP «Compressor», it can be easily verified with the registry of legal entities registered;
  • information about the Director, to EGRUL, made in 2002;
  • in the Estonian business register, we can easily find the corresponding entry on the project website registration in January of this year with the address and data on the authorized capital.

We talk with the first person of the project

But we did not stop there. For our readers, we reached the head of NPP "Compress" and GasСompressorCoin — Sergei Nipples, of course, asking him the most "painful" issues of investors. From the conversation we learned that:

  • the estimated profitability of the project for the investor will be about 30%;
  • all stages from Pre-ICO, which starts in April 2018 to «buyback» is planned to be implemented by February 2019;
  • token security software has a high degree of protection;
  • minimum participation in the ecological and economic project starts from 1 token, equal in value to 1 USD.

And, of course, the most important thing is that if the project is not implemented, all funds will be returned to investors, which is directly provided by the offer and is provided not only by the amount of the fee, the authorized capital of the registered person in Estonia, but also by the assets of CJSC NPP KOMPRESSOR.

So the project is much more risky for the owner than for the investor. But Sergey has no doubts about the success: «there are production facilities, leading engineers, talented inventors, major partners in the oil and gas market, established ties, a good name and 18 years of experience in the field. What can prevent it? Cryptocurrency-a new tool, but absolutely working. We keep pace with the times, solve global problems — the only way our company can remain but the market of a new society, for which ecology (in all senses of the word) business is crucial.»

Thank you Sergei Soskov for the conversation, you for reading our new material. And we wish you successful and profitable investments!

P. s.: and do not forget — to protect their assets, you need to be attentive to detail. For example, pay attention to the domain zone. If the project site —, then — it's a completely different story. And most likely it is a Scam-clone.

Be careful, protect your assets and invest only in reliable projects! Investment your success!

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