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ICO-platforms of China return investors funds

Earlier, the government of the country introduced a ban on the initial placement of coins.

08.Sep.17 12:19 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


ICO-platforms of China return investors funds
Chinese ICO-platforms began to transfer to investors the invested funds, fulfilling the requirements of the People's Bank of the country. The corresponding instruction was distributed last Monday.

According to, the ICOINFO platform announced the return of investments, which was considered one of the most ambitious among all that hold the crowdsale. Similar tasks are now being handled by ICOage, as well as many other platforms that are experiencing because of the possible consequences of disobeying the demands of the authorities.

The government's decision to ban the ICO became valid last weekend. Then the authorities said that the ICO is now illegal financial activity.

Earlier we reported that there are certain difficulties in determining the ICO status in the United States, where, after a call from the Securities and Exchange Commission, the crowdsale token was terminated by the Protostarr project.

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