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Husky Energy’s pipeline might have leaked for at least 14 hours

The workers were not on site to shut it down until Thursday morning.

28.Jul.16 6:44 AM
By Alesya Davydova


Husky Energy’s pipeline might have leaked for at least 14 hours
Saskatchewan ministry of economy (Canada) commented on a report submitted by Husky Energy which describes the reasons of the pipeline leak last week. According to the published data, the leak was discovered on Wednesday July 20 at about 8 p.m. but the employees came on site to shut down the pipeline only on Thursday July 21 at roughly 10 a.m. It means that oil had been leaking into the North Saskatchewan River for at least 14 hours before the supply was shut off.

Experts have counted that the failed pipe might have released about 200,000 liters of oil into the river near Maidstone. Husky Energy, responsible for the pipeline maintenance, assures that it is conducting a “comprehensive investigation” into the leak and will publish the results when it is finished.

The cities of North Battleford and Prince Albert, which pull in water from the North Saskatchewan River, have had to switch to alternate water reserves. Rural areas served by these centers are left without water.

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