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Husky Energy paid Saskatchewan budget $5 million

The city of Prince Albert received the payment for the clean-up after the oil spill.

16.Aug.16 5:57 PM
By Alesya Davydova


Husky Energy paid Saskatchewan budget $5 million

Husky Energy has paid $5 million to the city of Prince Albert in the Saskatchewan region to compensate the costs and losses caused by the large oil spill in June, says the

The incident left Prince Albert and some other cities without free access to fresh water. As a result local authorities had to search for new water sources and, in case of Prince Albert, pay for two temporary lines to provide people with drinking water.

The officials of Prince Albert have already invoiced about $2.5 million to Husky Energy and are expecting $2 million more. The money is needed for the temporary waterlines maintenance and a clean-up after the oil spill.

"Husky Energy had promised from the onset that they would take full responsibility for the oil spill and pay all associated costs, and this payment is a good indicator that they are delivering on that promise," Prince Albert Mayor Greg Dionne said on Monday.

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