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Huawei is back at the US market - but one-way only

Huawei is no longer banned from buying semiconductors in USA

25.Aug.21 4:55 PM
By Abigail Richards
Photo Huawei


Huawei is back at the US market - but one-way only
Huawai should be allowed to buy chips in the United States for the production of cars again.

The U.S. had imposed sanctions against Huawei for alleged ties to the Chinese military, and the risk of espionage. Because of the trade ban, US suppliers are not allowed to sell their products to the Chinese company.

The sale of products incorporating American technology, such as chips, was also restricted by the government of former President Donald Trump. Current President Joe Biden initially maintained the ban, but is now changing it.

Although the ban on the sale of chips for 5G technology still applies, according to the news agency, US suppliers are allowed to supply chips to Huawei for automotive applications. These are chips for, for example, sensors and video screens that are placed in the cars.

Huawei, best known for its smartphones and telecom equipment, announced earlier this year that it will be working on its own electric car. The company says it will invest 1 billion dollars (850 million euros). The first models might be on the market this year.

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