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How to protect money from inflation?

Effective ways to preserve and increase your capital.

17.Apr.18 10:34 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


How to protect money from inflation?
Work in the office, many of us choose because it guarantees some stability. Let us not expect super profits and do not even dream about career growth, but we have a fixed income, which in our turbulent times is also not so bad. However, most office workers today are thinking about finding an additional source of profit. To do this without parting with the main position, it is quite possible, if you competently approach to investing.

You may have heard about the hedge fund Genesys Private Fund, which today is trusted by thousands of people around the world. If this is still only a non-talking name for you, immediately correct this misunderstanding by going to the website The fact is that valuable information is presented here for everyone who is just preparing to take the first steps towards a secure future.

So, analysts of the financial market have created a number of strategies suitable for investors with different investment portfolios. An important role for obtaining high profitability was played by the development of the sphere of crypto-currencies.

Currently, hedge fund clients can choose one of three strategies. Making a contribution to the amount of thousands of dollars, you can safely expect to receive about ten percent per month. To do this, the money will need to be distributed between currencies, shares of enterprises and metals.

A minimum deposit of $ 5,000 will help you earn up to twenty percent of the invested amount each month. This investment portfolio offers the investor more opportunities for the distribution of capital, including the purchase of crypto currency. Finally, by making larger investments, you can secure an income of twenty-five percent.

Getting on the path of an investor, many are worried about what will happen to their money in a situation if the shares of companies or currencies unexpectedly lose value. Of course, to stay with anything you do not want anyone, especially if initially it was about increasing the capital. Hedge fund clients can be confident in the future, as their investment portfolios are diversified. Thus, the losses associated with the fall of any sector are minimized.

By the way, you can earn and trading by opening an account on the stock exchange. In this you will also benefit from the hedge fund Genesys, which also provides brokerage services to its customers.

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