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How to convince Donald Trump?

Open trade and globalization are the priorities voiced during the meeting in Washington the head of the world Bank Jim Yong Kim and the managing Director of the International monetary Fund Christine Lagarde.

24.Apr.17 8:46 AM
By Christina Orlina


How to convince Donald Trump?
The head of the IMF noted that the global economy now is “in the spring mood”. Her positive attitude is shared by Jim Yong Kim. “We are pleased to see improving prospects for the economy after years of frustration caused by low global growth. However, there are still many hidden risks. And countries that have the opportunity to undertake fiscal and structural reforms needs to do it.”

One of the tasks put in front of him, Christine Lagarde and Jim Yong Kim, is to convince the President of the United States Donald Trump to abandon the policy of protectionism. The head of the IMF is particularly concerned by Washington's plans to reduce the trade deficit by reducing imports.

“The IMF is not a trading organization but the issues related to trade, is important for us as it is the main engine of economic growth. Of course, we will think how we can support the growth of trade and how to do it the most efficient and equitable manner and in accordance with the principles of globalization,” said Lagarde.

On Wednesday, the IMF released two studies. They noted the main concerns with the fiscal program of the new American administration. The IMF believes that the current US policy will lead to increased debt and financial risks.

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