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How to choose a computer game for a child

What parents need to pay attention.

09.Nov.16 8:15 AM
By Abigail Richards


How to choose a computer game for a child
Parents believe that the computer is a bad influence on children. They prohibit children away from the computer. Psychologists say that if you choose the right game for your child, they will benefit. Computer games, for example juegos de friv, allow the child to develop properly, to strengthen diligence and care.

Choosing a computer game you need to correct. It is necessary to pay attention to the age and sex of the baby. Girls fit mind games with dolls and cooking. Boys prefer strategy. Games with violence for children not suitable, they will not bring anything good. This has been proved by scientists and psychologists.

A great option - cooperative games. Parents and children can play together. This is very useful for the child. In these games, parents should prompt the baby. To tell him what to do. To help find a way out of situations. This pastime improve family relationships.

For a child is better to choose small and simple games. It's good for his development. In complex games a child can become entangled and it will self-doubt. We must look for the game with an easy goal. This is very important in the intellectual games.

Games for children should not be long. Time spent at the computer should be limited. Short episodes of the game will allow your child to relax and not to spoil the vision.

Powerful online games are not suitable for children aged seven to ten years. mini games - a great solution.

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